free wordpress themes Here you can download the exciting new free wordprss themes that will help to make your own Wordpress site en-us Fri, 31 Oct 14 04:01:08 -0500 Fri, 31 Oct 14 04:01:08 -0500 AgaresWriter 2.1 Post via email to your Wordpress blog
  • Create an mail account for your blog.
  • Install the Postie plugin and enter the information for your email account.
  • Make sure Postie is able to connect to the email account.
  • Change "Preferred Text Type" to "html."
  • Create an email that contains both regular and bold text, attach an image to it, and send it to your blog's email address.
  • Make sure the email is showing up on your website.
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    Blog Writing

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    You can use these advertising programs to your blog

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    Resources: Google Adsense Ch ]]> Thu, 21 Mar 13 03:34:44 -0500 How to run wordpress Locally?

    Run Wordpress Locally on WINDOWS OS

    • Install WAMP Server for Windows
    • Launch the server
    • create a database ( Use phpMyAdmin or wamp mysql console to create the database)
    • Unzip the WordPress archive in your Sites folder ( give the folder Name "wordpress")
    • Open your browser and launch http://localhost/wordpress
    • Complete the installation process
    • Log in to your localhost WordPress admin panel

    Run Wordpress Locally on MAC OS X

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